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umm...what should I write about..?

As I’m testing, I’m not really sure what to write about. Maybe, I’ll just post some interesting links.

Have you ever needed to find a website/company/band name and had the idea of what you wanted, but just couldn’t find the perfect word(s)? I know I have, and, recently while doing just such a search I stumbled upon a great dictionary website, the Onelook Reverse Dictionary . Please head on over there and check it out, it’s darn useful.
P.S. it does come up with some rather interesting (read crazy) results!

Need gig tickets in the UK, check out Gigs and Tours

Have you had enough with ebay? Why not try Telebid . Its a new style of bidding website; one where as the auction time decreases, you bid using your credit, and each time you bid, the price of the item goes up along with the time. The auctions are won by the person who was last to bid before the timer runs out, and of course the auctions tend to go on for bloody ages! Try it

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