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A responsive toolkit - a call to arms

Building a responsive site is hard sometimes, particularly when you want to have a carousel on your page but the plugin you normally use does not have the ability to resize or recalculate when you resize your browser.

I would like to gather a collection of scripts/plugins/techniques to use when building a responsive site – things like carousels & image sliders – so that when I need a plugin for a particular purpose, I know which one has been user tested &, most importantly, vouched for.

Examples of the type of things I’m referring to could be: full-screen/full-width/fluid-width media (images, video), carousels, image sliders, image galleries, text resize/reflow, tabs, grid systems… you get the idea. These scripts should also have lean markup & good fallbacks should the not have javascript turned on.



‘Media’ delivery

Browser compatibility

Needs more work to be useful in a responsive layout:

I need your help & input

In order for this to be of any use, I need your input. Please comment with any links or suggestions etc so that we can begin to collate

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