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Cinch - Even better Mac window snapping..

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Recently I wrote about TwoUp, a simple window management app from Irradiated Software. Since then, a new app called Cinch has been released with even more features for managing where and how you want your apps to appear.

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Have you seen the new Snap feature on Windows 7? I have, and was more than a little jealous when I found out about it; I constantly need two app windows to share the same screen and find it so annoying trying to resize them to fit. I found this awesome little gem that does just that. It’s called TwoUp made by Irradiated Software and turns this annoying chore into inconsequence. The best reason to use it, apart from the obvious, is that it’s free, so click here to visit the developer’s site and download that sucker!

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jQuery Masonry updated to version 1

My favourite jQuery plugin, jQuery Masonry by David DeSandro has recently been updated to version 1. It is a simple layout plugin that works in a similar way to floats, with the exception that Masonry arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid. If you are browsing my blog, you have already seen this plugin in effect, it is being used on all article list pages.

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